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Lasting Change

At some point this summer I will be doing a workshop locally on “Lasting and Viable Change.” The reason for the workshop is that I feel that many people have a tendency to WANT change but do not ENACT change. … Continue reading

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Tarot Spread – Will Attunement

The purpose of this tarot spread is to call attention to the Will.

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Completion and Wholeness

One pursuit that I, and my closest friends, have sought all my life is the feeling of completion or wholeness. The desire for completion and wholeness springs from the desperate feeling that something is missing.

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Will, Truth, Work

There exists a symbiotic relationship between the Will, the Truth, and the Work. Just as body, mind, and spirit are linked so too are these aspects.

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Freedom and Imprisonment

The reality is that none of us is neither imprisoned nor trapped. Even when the cage surrounds us and the key is cast away the illuminated reality is that we are only confined as long as we allow ourselves to … Continue reading

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The Shadow Self

Originally I was going to write on my changed perception of the acceptance stage of grief. However as I researched various views on the acceptance stage I came across the Jungian concept of “the shadow” in relation to the dying … Continue reading

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Strength of the Warrior

I sit here at a public computer at the martial arts studio I go to and I’m thinking about the concept of strength. Strength comes in many forms. In each of those forms how is it expressed? Do we keep … Continue reading

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